Whoa Black Betty and a-bless my soul. If my brother didn't beat me to the punch, and eat my own sack'd lunch. Well anyways my name is
Sammy Dodge and this little band has a big sound. I would love you to become a devoted FELLOW SLEEPLESS like all the smartkids up at the 
front of the show. We have some new songs and some new shows headed right at the heart and head of you. In the brave tradition of Billy
the Kid, William Shakespeare, and that teenage airplane thief the barefoot bandit, we hope to defy the laws of today and give you rocknroll as it once was and
may once be again. You will be changed, and for the better, we dare you to stay up with us. all night. 
                                            -Sammy Dodge (of) The (immortal) Up All Nights

P.S. Thank you Scott Underwood and Steven King for your work creating this site! Full Steam Ahead!