LISTEN TO Make Spirits Rise

Surprise!!! This our new EP “Make Spirits Rise” it is now streaming on Pandora, Spotify, ITunes, and YouTube music.

It was recorded by Z Wolf two years ago and he plays some xylophone, synths, and plays the harmonica part for the duel on “Strawberry Red, Strawberry Wet”

These recordings are subtler than are usual mix and there is acoustic guitar on every track.

Steven King by plays guitar on the solo duel for “Yellow Box Medicine”

Scotty B Wood organized the cover art, tried ten fonts on us, and organized the platform releases

Krista Kathleen Botjer leant me her yoga space for howling and burned some mad sage

The cover art is a 3 set of photos by Jack Dodge. Yo-Yo was willing to be photographed.

Most of these songs were written for this project within a couple months of each other.

Please tell your friends.

It’s free. We rock. We love you. Tell us which track is your favorite. We’ll slip into the future and see you there!

-The Up All Nights